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about us

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Are you looking for an honest take of what it’s like to enter the world of entrepreneurship?

This is a different kind of space for different kind of Africa – from those who have never dream of starting a business to those who already have a successful venture up and running.

Are you a native entrepreneur? Were you born to start, lead, conquer?

Are you a small business owner with your company at the heart of your life?

Are you looking for something that will help you to do more, faster, better and smatter?

Are you stuck in day job and wish you could do more and move ahead? Or just do something on the side that you love and enjoy and get paid for it?

Even if you are someone who have never consider to be on your own or standing a new venture,

Africanstarters is for you!

who we are

We are ordinary human being; a team of people hungering for freedom. Although coming from various background,  our various experiences make a unique insight that we will be sharing with you. From growing on the street to selling on popular streets, from local education to prestigious world business schools, from SME to large multinational, from working regionally to across the globe, we have gathered significant experience we wish to share with you.

Fasten your seat belts and  let's do it!

what we do

Whenever we talk about venture, we think entrepreneur; it becomes like a cult or something privilege to have. Should it be the case? I don’t think so! All of us should be encouraged to start his own business and not only some special people known as entrepreneurs.

I know many people out there running business, tapping into opportunities and along the way generating cashflow.

Some of them don’t even know what entrepreneur means. They just work their passion and along the line getting paid for it.

Instead of entrepreneurs, let’s just call them Starters to borrow the terms of the well respected starters J. Fried & D. Heinemeier (37 Signals Owners).

In reality you are a starter if you create a new business. You don’t need an MBA, a degree, a fancy suit, a love of risk, a sect, a blessing from a marabout. All you need is an idea, a bit of courage, a touch of confidence and a push to get started.

So let’s start!

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