Hooked How to Build Habit Froming Products

What’s the secret behind compulsive habits that drive repeat behaviors, like frequently checking our smartphones or buying a daily latte?  How can we harness it for our own products?

Business psychologist Nir Eyal says the key is a…



4-Phase Hook Cycle


A trigger starts us thinking about the behavior, product  or service. Initially, it’s external, like an ad or a referral. As the habit takes hold, the trigger becomes internal, a brain process that’s like an itch we have  to scratch.

Give and Take A Revolutionary Approach to Success

There are 3 types of people: Givers, Takers & Matchers.

Takers like to get more than they give, putting their own interests ahead of others’

Givers are more focused on the best interests of others
Matchers adopt a middle-ground, striving for an equal balance of giving and getting


Interestingly, Givers are most likely to end up at the bottom of the success ladder. Why? Because they give too much of their time and effort helping others.

So who’s at the top?  Here’s

Contagious. Why Things Catch On

Qu’est-ce qui rend les choses populaires ? Pourquoi certaines idées se propagent-elles du jour au lendemain, tandis que d’autres disparaissent ? Comment se fait-il que certains produits deviennent omniprésents, tandis que d’autres ne gagnent jamais en popularité ? Jonah Berger partage les réponses dans son :


6 étapes clés pour arriver les gens à parler et à partager


S – Monnaie sociale

La monnaie sociale est comme le papier-monnaie – quelque chose de valeur que nous distribuons. Donc, nous disons aux gens

Creating A Business That Can Thrive Without You

For every small business owner who wants to cash-out, there are about a hundred businesses that just won’t sell. Whether you want to sell or not, it’s always reassuring to know that the business you’ve built from the ground up is actually worth something.


Build Your Business to Sell: 3 Critical Steps:



You need a service or product  that has  the potential  to scale. It also must be (1) valuable to your customers, which avoids  commoditization; and (2) have  “teachable” processes for


Tout le monde est enseveli sous les informations et submergé par les interruptions. Personne n’a de temps à perdre, alors faites en sorte que votre message soit précis et concis. C’est la seule façon dont vos idées seront entendues.

Être BRIEF requiert trois compétences : conscience, discipline et esprit de décision :

Soyez conscient : Cela signifie que vous et les autres devez vous tenir à un niveau de concision plus élevé.
Soyez discipliné : Si les gens

Association for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Partnership 2022




Association for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Partnership

Association pour la promotion de l’esprit d’entreprise et le partenariat 2022



Association pour la promotion de l’esprit d’entreprise et le partenariat

New Medicare Coverage Of Long-time period Care Off To A Rocky Start

This can be a make or break decision, so choose your online enterprise carefully. For any enterprise that will like enhance its presence on the web, choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) can make or break this advertising and marketing plan. It however it additionally includes taking sole cash administration accountability, even when there is not much in the coffers to handle. With the cost of all the pieces increasing, more people are taking charge of their financial scenario.

6 Steps to Writing a Business Plan for Your Internet Business

A business plan is the first thing you need to do if you are starting a new business. It is designed to outline your goals, business strategies, financial goals and marketing plans. When you have a business plan in place you are taking steps to make sure that your business is on a good path, and it is also used to seek financial investors, funding, and management staff. A solid business plan is almost always found behind a successful business.



Ideas are worthless! Something that has always hold me back from starting is the fear of competition. You know, “someone who is better of, with more money, network, authority or support will steal my idea”. This went for some years till I met a mentor who told me that ideas are cheap and plentiful. The original idea pitch is usually non-essential to your business success. The real question is how well you execute it!

This remind Tony Hsieh, the CEO of

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