The Happiness Advantage The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

We all get why being happy is better in life, but is it really a business advantage? Absolutely.

Unhappy employees take more sick days, while happy employees are more motivated, committed and creative. Happy people make more money than their counterparts and they make better leaders.


Make Yourself Happy

We can actually manipulate our happiness level. Proven ways include; meditating, anticipating enjoyable activities, surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good, and spending money on experiences especially with other people.


We can  also make  ourselves feel good by exercising a signature strength, something we know we're good at, whether that's giving sage advice  or making a fine meal.



Make Others Happy

The degree of positivity at work determines a team's efficiency and profitability.

Employees want to succeed and be fulfilled. Showing  confidence in their abilities and being  upbeat about their performance potential will make them happier and more productive.



Connect with Others

Research shows that not only do positive relationships make people happy, they can protect employees from job strain and can impact life expectancy as much as smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and regular exercise.


How do you strengthen connections? Interactions don't have  to be complex  or lengthy. An email ex-

change, a brief conversation or meeting for lunch can  have  a beneficial  effect.



The Bottom Line


Happiness doesn't just come  from success…it's a precondition for success!


Practicing happiness principles can be your most effective leadership tool, producing a profound, long- term effect on your organization.


By Shawn Achor