The African Entrepreneur: A Whole New Approach!

I am always amazed when I walk in the street in various part of Africa. I see extremely vibrant communities, I see dynamics men and women doing something, moving, creating, innovating. Because of the narrative and the conversation you already know, we continue to leave the status quo in some places. I am not here to claim solving problems, issues or challenges.

I considered myself as someone who has been fortunate enough (in my humble opinion) to be where I am today and I want to share nothing else than the truth, my experiences and what brought me where I am.

I am convinced that the African Entrepreneurs can change the world! Yes, we don't have the right eco-systems, the right policies, the right infrastructures, the right capital, the right technology... but I am here to demonstrate that we have a bit of all of that and this only make a difference.

I will be more than happy to work with you on your startup from anywhere in Africa, as long as it's related to social, technology and internet field.


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