Start-up Ideation

20 Tips For Developing A Winning Mindset

Here is our 20 tips for developing a winning mindset, which one do you value most?

Tip #1
Write down your ideas.

Whenever you get an idea, write it down so you don’t forget. It could mean huge rewards later.

Tip #2
Always be networking.

You’re going to meet new people all the time; if you network with everyone you can you’ll soon have a large list of contacts buildup.

Tip #3
Make up your own mind.

You’re going to get lots of advice. Listen to it carefully and

Getting Out of your Comfort Zone

One of the Speakers I enjoyed 2 years ago at the Cameroon Professional Society (CPS) annual convention at Houston was the Celestin Wandji. During his presentation, one of the quotes which caught my attention was “you can never achieve anything worthwhile, if you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone.”



I most certainly concur with this. All of us want to achieve success in our lives, but the problem is we also want to remain in our comfort


Ideas are worthless! Something that has always hold me back from starting is the fear of competition. You know, “someone who is better of, with more money, network, authority or support will steal my idea”. This went for some years till I met a mentor who told me that ideas are cheap and plentiful. The original idea pitch is usually non-essential to your business success. The real question is how well you execute it!

This remind Tony Hsieh, the CEO of

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