Finding Your Element How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life

Have  you found your Element? It's where  "natural  aptitude meets personal passion," says Ken Robinson, a recognized global leader in helping  people, companies and  governments cultivate creativity.

Finding your Element can  give your life greater purpose and  pleasure. Try these practical steps to find out more  about  what really drives  you so you can  live a more  enriched life.


Change Your Perspective

You might have  long-held  ideas about  your abilities,  or how you fit into the world. Disrupt these patterns of thought,  with exploratory tools like Mind Mapping,  Vision Boards or Automatic  Writing. And widen your perspective by trying new  things.  This will give you new  ideas and  challenge your assumptions.


Take a Test

Four of the best-known aptitude tests are:


  1. 1. The General Aptitude Test Battery  (GATB) - developed by the S. Department of


  1. 2. Clifton StrengthsFinder - developed by the Gallup Organization
  2. 3. CareerScope - created by the Vocational Research Institute
  3. 4. The O*NET Ability Profiler - developed by the Occupational Information Network


Or, try a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses,  Opportunities, Threats) to analyze your current  situation.  Your strengths and  weaknesses are  your own characteristics; opportunities and  threats are  the external factors  holding you in place. Things  to think about  in this analysis are  your age,  your financial  and  personal obligations, and  how open you are  to taking a risk.


Join a Tribe

Explore  an Element by spending time with the tribes,  or groups, that  are  part of it. Find tribes  online,  attend meetings of clubs  and  associations, volunteer or become an intern, find a mentor or hire a life coach.


Start Now

You don't  need to plan out your entire  life at once.  Pick a few new  ideas to explore, outline  concrete steps for each of them,  and  put your plan into action.



By Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica