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5 Ways Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Reed Hastings Inspire Their Employees to Innovate

Leaders need to foster a culture of learning that keeps the spirit of innovation alive within the workplace.

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Can you handle them as their boss?

How to Do More by Doing Less

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Is Passion a Prerequisite for Great Job Candidates? No, and Here’s Why.

Employers often expect job candidates to demonstrate not just proficiency, but real passion. Are great candidates slipping away in the process?

9 Ways to Get Your Startup Funded

Don’t let money stop you from pursuing your dreams. If you want to start your own business but don’t have the funding, you can still get it off the ground in a number of ways. As an entrepreneur myself, I admire anyone who wants to create a company. It’s not easy. In fact, only half  [click to continue…]

The Most Important Thing You Can Be

Being an expert isn’t what it used to be…

Here’s How Fasting Can Supercharge Your Productivity

The practice of intentionally reducing the amount of food you eat is a discipline which can yield a host of benefits.

3 Secret Productivity Hacks That Will Rejuvenate Your Brain

Maximum productivity awaits.

People Really Aren’t Listening to You and Here’s Why

If you are feeling ignored, you probably are. Most people don’t really listen, including you, and it’s not all your fault, but you can fix it.

Pricing philosophy

Derek Sivers

For years I made a living playing at universities.

One time a college far away in Ohio, about a 12-hour drive, asked what I would charge to do a two-hour show.

I said, “$1500”.

They said, “Oh, that’s a bit too much. What would you charge to do just a one-hour show?”

I said, “$2000”.

They said, “No, wait, you’ll be performing less, not more!”

I said, “Yeah! Exactly! What you’re paying me for is to get there! Once I’m there, playing music is the

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