When I started AfricanStarters.com, I had to explain to my loving wife why I was taking so long on the family time. Then I briefly explain that it was about a platform to support, nurture, motivate and inspire starters (entrepreneurs, womanpreneur, Sidepreneur, wantpreneur, solopreneur, africanpreneur.. and all others preneurs). Her initial understanding was that I was anticorporate and anti job.

If you are having the same understanding, please enable me to clarify. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Over the coming months and years, you will learn how you can stay committed to your job while learning new things that will help you work faster, better and smarter, therefore becoming more effective at the office.

After all, there are lots of reasons to appreciate your day job. It gives a place to learn, network, take risks, be part and contribute to a team effort. You enjoy opportunities to advance, get an education and interact with others.

All those things are invaluable in themselves, coupled on the fact that you have a steady paycheck. Never take these for granted and fall into complacency.

What I do encourage in here is to devote 10% of your time building something on the side while staying committed to you day job. You may have realized it; one job is not enough. Moreover, complacency is not something that happens overnight. I have seen among many Africans complacency taking place because it’s easy to blame the system, the leaders, politics, the West, the White, the spirits, the uncle, the rich, God… but it doesn’t change the fact that if we are not happy with something, we should change something.


“if you are not happy with something, change something” (Severin Wandji - Product Manager Apple discussing at CPS)



I know sometimes, life, circumstances and events move us to embark on starting a business or we have been always launching businesses since our primary school. Regardless of how you got there, when you go on the entrepreneurship path, you should be cognizant that success and the money are terrific if they come, but they cannot be the only drivers of your decision. Ensure that you do what you do for the right reason.

As you will discover later, engaging in entrepreneurship on the side will grant you a level of freedom that you could never access as a full-time entrepreneur.

You will be able to enjoy the excitement that comes from building something new while avoiding the stresses that come with taking urge risks.

Now, do you really want to take the risk…



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